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Debt Relief

Are you drowning in medical debt?

There are many reasons why families are turning to personal bankruptcy for debt relief. While some situations are avoidable, others are completely out of our control. No matter your age or income, an unexpected accident or illness can turn your life upside down in an...

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What is debt relief and how can it help me?

With the current economic recession, many Americans find themselves in a precarious financial position. However, a growing number of Louisiana residents are choosing debt relief to make a fresh start and begin to rebuild for the future. At times, events outside of our...

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Drowning in a sea of debt? Get help now

There's no doubt that many Americans are struggling with paying their bills, and Louisianians are no exception. Sometimes events outside of your control, such as a catastrophic illness or accident that racks up heavy medical debt, are the root cause of your...

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Looking at alternatives to bankruptcy

When it comes to obtaining debt relief, there are several options debtors have. Depending on the type of debt one is dealing with and the debtor’s overall financial situation, bankruptcy may not be the best option for relief, so it is worth it to consider the...

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