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Child custody and topics that may influence a request to relocate

It is no secret that going through the end of a marriage can be stressful, and the outcome of the situation could prompt a variety of changes in your life. Following your divorce, you may wish to experience a change in scenery, and moving to a new location might play a vital role in opening a new chapter in your life.

While in some cases this might involve little more than securing new living arrangements, the process could prove somewhat more complex if you have children. Even if the motivating force behind your desire to relocate is a necessity, seeking approval to carry out your wishes could still be challenging.

Keeping a social media post from becoming a factor in divorce

Social media outlets make it much easier to stay in constant contact with family members and friends, even during hectic times in life. If you are an avid social media user, you may find pleasure in being able to share pictures and stories of live events with those close to you with little more than the touch of a button.

However, there may be certain circumstances in life for which it could be advisable to limit your social media exposure. If you are going through a divorce, using caution with the information you share could help keep your soon-to-be ex-spouse from seeking to use a post as evidence against you in court.

How to take care of yourself during divorce

Divorce is difficult even when it's the best choice for everyone. The entire process can take a lot of time and energy, which can leave people feeling depleted. Even so, every part of the process is important, and there aren't many, if any, shortcuts to getting through it.

If you're going through a divorce here in Louisiana, this might sound familiar. Fortunately, there are ways to keep yourself healthy while still giving the needed attention to this event.  There are things that you can do directly for yourself, but there are also ways to get others to assist you through this time. 

Divorce: Do these issues apply to your situation?

When you recall your wedding day, you might experience mixed emotions. If you've been married 20 or more years, you might feel nostalgic or awestruck at how quickly time has passed. You might have pleasant memories about that day and the dreams you and your new spouse shared for your future together. If you're currently preparing for divorce in a Louisiana court, you might also experience feelings of sadness when you think back to when your relationship was better than it is now.

Marriage is typically a journey that includes challenges for the spouses involved. Some issues can weaken the bond two spouses share together. Every relationship is unique, which is why an issue from which one couple is able to rebound might be the breaking point for another. If you're considering divorce, it's helpful to discuss the issue with someone who can provide much needed support.

Are you thinking about custody and child support?

Perhaps, you're under the impression that, if you share child custody with your ex, neither parent will have to pay child support. While these two topics often intersect in divorce proceedings, it's not necessarily true that a joint custody arrangement eliminates the need for child support in order to provide for any and all children in question.

The judge overseeing your case will ultimately determine whether you or your spouse should pay child support. If you share custody with your ex, it doesn't mean the court will not order child support, although the amount of payments may be less than if you or your ex gained sole custody of your children.

What your kids may be thinking about your divorce

Are you one of many Louisiana parents who have recently filed or will soon be filing for divorce? Many people refer to January as "divorce month" because inquiries and petition filings typically spike an increase when a new year begins. Perhaps, you already sat down with your children and talked to them about your plans. If you're still worried about how your decision is going to affect their lives, you're definitely not alone in your concern. Like all good parents, you have their best interests in mind.

Children do tend to worry about numerous issues when their parents divorce. While there is no way to escape the fact that you are making a decision that will have a significant impact on your children's lives, it doesn't necessarily mean they won't be able to cope and adapt to a new lifestyle in a healthy, productive manner. Children definitely sense a parent's stress, however, so doing what you can to keep your own stress levels low may help them come to terms with the situation.

Divorce plus holidays often equals stress

Perhaps, you felt a sense of relief when the judge issued the final decree for divorce this past summer. You and your children had high hopes for coming to terms with the situation and moving on in life together. Maybe you were even anticipating building new memories as well as continuing some of your old, favorite customs. 

If discussions about the upcoming holiday season have caused an eruption of disagreements and arguments between you and your ex, you may have your work cut out to come up with fair solution. Maybe you did not include details regarding child custody during the holidays in your co-parenting plan. If not, you might want to reconsider because it's often one of the easiest ways to avoid confusion and legal problems after divorce.

Issues that might influence a judge's decision on child neglect

In a perfect world, every Louisiana divorce would be swift, fair and satisfactory to both spouses. In such a world, you'd be able to determine that your marriage was no longer sustainable, file some paperwork, sign a few documents, then leave the past behind and happily move on in life. The reality, however, is that divorce is seldom, if ever, easy. In fact, if you and your spouse are at odds concerning the well-being of your children, litigation can be quite stressful.

While you'd no doubt rather avoid all confrontation, you also want what's best for your kids. If you know shared custody isn't a good idea because of potential child neglect, it's understandable you'd want to bring the issue to the court's immediate attention. Regarding divorce, building a strong support network is key to coping and adapting a new lifestyle. In cases that involve child neglect, it is imperative that you know how to protect your rights and your children's best interests.

Age affects how children cope with divorce

If you’re preparing to or have just recently informed your children that you’re getting divorced, you might be a bit worried about their potential reactions. While you understand that filing for divorce is an adult issue, you also want what’s best for your kids and hope they have adequate coping skills because you know your decision will disrupt their lives.

Your kids’ ages at the time of your divorce may be significant to the types of reactions they have and emotions they experience as you all search for a new normal together in your day-to-day lives. Setting up a strong support network from the start is often key to helping Louisiana children come to terms with life-changing issues such as divorce. Children are typically highly adaptable, meaning with love, encouragement and support, your kids will likely be able to move on in life in a productive and healthy manner.

Getting divorced? Your children might have these fears

If you're currently planning to file for divorce in a Louisiana civil court, you certainly are not the only parent in the state whose marriage is heading in that direction. In fact, you likely have neighbors, co-workers, friends or relatives who have already divorced or are considering it. Like all good parents, your children's well-being is your highest priority.

While divorce need not necessarily ruin your kids' lives, your decision will definitely affect them. Many children experience some anxiety and fear when they learn that their parents are choosing to sever their marital ties. By building a strong support network from the start, you can help your children cope in as healthy a manner as possible as you and they work together to adapt to a new lifestyle.

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